WS because we will all be WaS one day.

Last Aid (not First Aid)

Or do you prefer  F i n a l  A i d ?

CPR within minutes: after your heart has stopped for six minutes your brain begins to die. After 13 minutes little chance of any "quality of life" if resuscitated.


LIVING WILL is crucial, a HEALTH PROXY backs it up. Two witnesses sign each form. Copies Accessible. Your doctor should have a Letter of Intent specifying pain-free
palliative care, etc.

Fulfill this responsibility for genuine peace of mind.

Way too many living wills are NOT
distributed, found, delivered at the appropriate time.It's your responsibility to make sure your LIVING WILL is accessible.

No, you don't want to die in a week in a hospital at a cost of $20,000.
Fill out your forms, copy them, make it very clear to friends, family, colleagues
how you want to die.

LIVING WILL, Do Not Resuscitate (both hospital and non-hospital), Letter of Intent,
Health Proxy forms, plus cremation/burial form sent to you free when you send SASE to

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