B . R U G G E D' s

N e w     T r i p    R e p o r t s :


I liked reading 3rd volume of Proust on climbing trip. Last visit to Cassis I spotted a hotel at the end of the port I hoped we'd stay in next visit. This time, years later, Neil arranged it.

T a i w a n :

    Professor Pai played tribe's music tapes traveling inland. Inside village restaurant we ate a soup so delicious I could barely contain my regret that it would be so soon gone.

R O M A :

    Karen and Andy created feasts for our every lunch and dinner. I read H.D., William Maxwell, and began Dante's Paradisio.
So hot we lay under an umbrella on the beach until the shade shielded the cliff. Hundreds of routes so why did the couple from Rome chose to climb adjacent pitches?
Near ocean from dawn to sunset body surfing & finishing Proust's Cities of the Plains.

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