For example, A N A C A M P S E R O T E 
means: that which retrieves lost love.

To remember it think of
"A picnic may be anacampserotic." (Prof. David Crabb contribution)

BROOL (low voiced): Brool, brool, brool your voice Gently round my curves, Verily, verily, verily, verily Love is brool's whispery swirl

CHARIENTISM (an insult veiled with grace): Charlene in the chariot disparaged the croquet seemingly courteously with her "white-out" charientism.

DICACITY (playful talkativeness)-- send your illustrative sentence
contribution: SASE to B.RUGGED for a list of words/definitions seeking memorable sentences, 11 So. Adelaide Ave. Highland Park, NJ 08904

Or send illustrative sentence for Dicacity, etc.

to Email: Susanna.Cuyler@gmail.com

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