M E T A M O R P H O S E S:

An illustrated paperback distillation based mainly on Rolphe Humphries' translation (Indiana Univ. Press (c) 1955)
(with some Dryden, some Garth translations etc.)

Ovid's Metamorphoses: Susanna's Selections begins with:

So man was born it may be
In God's image, or earth's, perhaps


and fourteen hundred lines later the Epilogue ends with

If prophecies of bards are ever truthful
I shall be living, always.

This B.RUGGED distillation is 216 pages,
large type, $15 postpaid; ISBN 09612018-94.

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O-Ovid-eo in the making; fun extension of after dinner reading favorite myths aloud....

B.RUGGED's first distillation, One Who Goes Everywhere: The Ubiquarian's Dictionary, is a succinct list of 1500 best words from the Shorter OED, and other dictionaries, illustrated, and amplified with quotations. 4x6" paperback.

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