B. R U G G E D' s


1624-1664, 18 pages, illustrated,

Died in 1999, expanded obituaries culled from The New York Times, etc.:

"I have good reason to be content...I can read" Keats,
B.Rugged's booklist for young adults

Beyond Bravissima: 141 Italian Superlatives

SOHO BUTOH when 7 people fell through the sidewalk

WS. Forms: living will, health proxy, Letter of Intent, DNR hospital, and non hosipital, generic cremation

Hippocrates called squirting cucumber "abortifacient of choice" &

"Morning After" pills are triple dosage twice of regular birth control pills amp;

Touch Typewriting Touché: large print modern how-to version

Spring Lyme Nymphs are Tinier + more Venomous than Adult Lyme Ticks

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