Jeanne Owens:

A Pictorial Biography

      Friends' interviews, and photos from Jeanne Owens' archive,

         11x17" by Susanna Cuyler @ 1986 ISBN 9612018-3-5

               Athlete, artist, bohemian New Yorker

         New York Post, " Brooklyn's hope for the Olympics,"
                   National Backstroke Champion in 1938 :
                a hundred yards in 72 seconds.

B//W photographs from Jeanne Owens'  archive by Karl Bissinger,
Jerry Cooke, Philip Sykes. Text includes conversations with friends :

                " We've found the most beautiful girl in the world.
                   ...  just there -- blue eyes. " Johnny Nicholson

" The War Summers, this town, New York, was alive : Auden,
St. Exupery, Jewish refugees, Frenchmen waiting to go home.  The Central Park cafe was suddenly full.  You heard all languages.
Before the war New York was provincial.  And there was Jeanne, floating in and out between New York and Fire Island. "  Karl Bissinger

    "She was the forerunner of the ' modern girl. ' "  Mike de Lisio

" She had no fear, she'd try anything. I remember looking at those hands and thinking those hands can do anything."  Gene Moore

          " We were married in two weeks (Jeanne was engaged
                          to another man )." Charles Owens

" We were doing things that we were not trained for,
     just bold young people with new ideas. "  Edna Lewis

" Artists were less secretive then.  Johnny would close the doors of his cafe, and we'd have dinner parties with thirty people."  R. Giglio

" Jeanne was proud, but I don't think she liked herself.
She lacked the self confidence to just do art...."  Erica S. Haaba

ISBN 0-9612018-3-5 paperback 11" x 14" text + image, $21 pp
book by Susanna Cuyler, checks payable to B.RUGGED

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